Knockout competition

The popular knockout competition was introduced in 2000.

The draw is made early in the year and all races are run during spring and summer under handicap conditions. Any mutually agreed race can be run for the earlier rounds but the final is held on the league final day.

The champion is awarded with an engraved shield on the presentation day.

The 2017 draw

1st Round 2nd Round Semi Final Final Winner
Rachel Larsen
> Rachel Larsen
Jane Ives
> Rachel Larsen
Carole Brattan
> Carole Brattan
Mark Nurse
> Susie Adcock
Susie Adcock
> Susie Adcock
Darran Wright
> Susie Adcock
Kevin Anholm
> Kevin Anholm
Craig Newton
Chris Hague
> Adam Weekes
Adam Weekes
> Ben Larsen
Angie Swift
> Ben Larsen
Ben Larsen
> Jennie Clappison
> Tina Anholm
Tina Anholm
> Jennie Clappison
Rachael Weekes
> Jennie Clappison
Jennie Clappison







Knockout cup role of honour

2000 M. Anholm 2006 M. Nurse 2012 D. Wright
2001 K. Anholm 2007 P. Steele 2013 J. Ives
2002 M. Anholm 2008 P. Steele 2014 A. Weekes
2003 T. Anholm 2009 C. Brattan 2015 A. Weekes
2004 I. Battye 2010 K. Anholm 2016  
2005 D. Parker 2011 J. Ives    

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Tuesday 17th July. 7 miles.
7 pm start from the Plough Inn, Hollym.

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