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The League was formed in 1998 to encourage competitive running and for post race socialising - (all races are conveniently based at the Plough Inn at Hollym).

New Points System

The 2006 season saw a change to the points awarded. There will now be one point given to everyone finishing outside the top 6 places but still under their handicap time.

As it is difficult to attend all 12 races over the year, the new system will be the best 10 results from 12 counting towards the overall points total.

The races are all staggered starts, slowest runners first, and points are awarded to the first 6 finishers:

i.e. 1st 9 points
  2nd 7 points
  3rd 5 points
  4th 4 points
  5th 3 points
6th 2 points

The league starts in February and consists of 12 races throughout the year, ending in October when a trophy is awarded.

These races are usually fairly close at the finish, as such the slower runners tend to have as many victories as the faster ones.

Handicap league role of honour

1998 S. Wray 2005 D. Parker 2012 D. Wright
1999 C. Collins 2006 T. Anholm 2013 K. Horn
2000 T. Anholm 2007 P. Steele 2014 T. Anholm
2001 L. Dowling 2008 L. Harris 2015 R. Sutton
2002 M. Anholm 2009 M. Nurse 2016 K. Anholm
2003 I.Battye 2010 K. Anholm 2017 M. Nurse
2004 I. Battye 2011 T. Anholm 2018 T. Anholm

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