Knockout competition

The 2015 Draw

1st Round 2nd Round Semi Final Final Winner
Angie Swift
> Angie Swift
Robert Weekes
> Meg Broadley
Carole Brattan
> Meg Broadley
Meg Broadley
Rob Swift
> Rob Swift
Dino Verrecchia
> Jim Cranwell
Jim Cranwell
> Jim Cranwell
Tina Anholm
> Adam Weekes
Rachael Sutton
> Adam Weekes
Adam Weekes
> Adam Weekes
Mark Nurse
> Mark Nurse
Kevin Anholm
> Adam Weekes
Vito Verrecchia
> Vito Verrecchia
Jane Ives
> Gordon Longley
Gordon Longley
> Gordon Longley
Hannah Long


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Club Championship
Tuesday 17th July. 7 miles.
7 pm start from the Plough Inn, Hollym.

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