Handicap League

2008 Results

Handicap Race 1

Sunday 10th February 2008 - 5.8 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Lance Harris 41.40 38.09 6.35 -3.31
2nd Jamie Cousins 43.00 40.39 7.01 -2.21
3rd Matt Anholm 43.00 41.17 7.07 -1.43
4th Mark Nurse 41.40 40.34 7.00 -1.06
5th Paul Smith 47.00 46.06 7.57 -0.54
6th Tony Carter 43.40 43.15 7.27 -0.25
7th Jeff Copping 48.15 48.06 8.18 -0.09
8th Tina Anholm 64.00 63.58 11.02 -0.02
9th Dino Verrecchia 41.40 41.49 7.13 +0.09
10th Angie Swift 46.25 47.25 8.11 +1.00
11th Chris Rawlings 43.00 45.32 7.51 +2.32
12th Kevin Anholm 48.20 51.07 8.49 +2.47
13th Vito Verrecchia 37.10 40.30 6.59 +3.20
14th Jim Cranwell 56.30 63.15 10.54 +6.45
15th Liam Dowling 56.30 63.18 10.55 +6.48

The build up to the first race of a brand new season received plenty of air time on Sky Sports. They talked about nothing else other than Super Sunday and I thought it was rather decent of those nice Sky people to promote our race. Well, what else of any significance in sport was happening that day???

For us humble Withernsea Harriers we have been preparing since the start of the New Year of our “Super Sunday”. There are few local races at this time of the year, so we tend to use our handicap runs to help put a focus on our training. We train every Tuesday and Thursday, meeting at 7.00pm at the lighthouse. We have concentrated up to now on building up our stamina. The speed work comes later on in the Spring. It is important to build good foundations for the busy year ahead. By concentrating on improving our general level of fitness, we will be hopefully in good shape, to tackle all the big local races, which are usually between May and July. We also have 2 members who are running the London Marathon and the longer, less intense sessions help them prepare for this big event.

Our Handicap League starts on the 2nd Sunday in February and runs throughout the year until Grand Final Day in the middle of October. As it’s a long season and probably due the fact it can be a bit nippy for the first race, we usually have a poor turnout for the first handicap event of the season. This year was different. We had a record turnout for this race; with the final figure double what we had last year at this time. This reflects the excellent turnout we have had this year in training. After 6 weeks of solid, hard work, we where all ready and raring to go for the first race of the season.

We couldn’t have picked a better day, weather wise. Glorious sunshine and a breeze that could only be described as gentle, gave us had near perfect conditions to run in. The course was our Hollym to Hompton and back to the finish at The Plough route, which measures 5.8 miles long. The Handicap Committee gave everyone’s average time at this distance as their handicap. The bookies who rarely get it wrong, made the runners training for the London Marathon as favourites and this again proved to be astute bit of business, as 2 of the first 3 home are preparing for London.

The winner was Lance Harris who started at the back of the field and moved serenely through the field to finish over a minute ahead of Jamie Cousins.(who’s a lot quicker than his dad). Lance and Jamie were 2 of 4 new comers, Chris Rawlings and Jim Cranwell being the other 2 debutants. We hope this won’t be their only visit to our handicap races.

In third place was Mathew Anholm, who is also working hard in his preparation for London. Fourth and showing good early season form (for a change) was Mark Nurse. Fifth and sixth where two people who came close to winning last year’s handicap league.

Last season’s runner up Paul Smith, was fifth and Tony Carter who finished 3rd in the league last year, finished sixth. I would expect both these competitors will be up there challenging for the title again this season.

One other item to report. When personally I have reached an age where achieving a personal best is just a distant memory, it is nice to report someone achieving such a feat. Mathew Anholm ran the Brass Monkey ½ marathon on Sunday 20th January in 1 hour 37 mins and thus knocking 1 minute of his previous best time. Sometimes the slog of training for a marathon can be rewarding.

Our next handicap race is on Sunday 2nd March starting at 11.00am from The Plough Inn, Hollym.The route will be 5.8 miles and as always everyone is welcome.

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Handicap Race 2

Sunday 2nd March 2008 - 5.8 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Jamie Cousins 40.15 38.19 6.36 -1.56
2nd Tony Carter 43.00 42.27 7.19 -0.33
3rd Kevin Anholm 49.05 48.45 8.24 -0.20
4th Lance Harris 37.45 37.30 6.28 -0.15
5th Matt Anholm 40.45 40.51 7.03 +0.06
6th Jeff Copping 48.00 48.25 8.21 +0.25
7th Chris Rawlings 45.15 46.13 7.58 +0.58
8th Mark Nurse 40.00 41.19 7.07 +1.19
9th Tina Anholm 64.00 65.49 11.21 +1.49
10th Jim Cranwell 60.00 61.51 10.40 +1.51
11th Pauline Steele 61.35 63.40 10.59 +2.05
12th Angie Swift 46.30 49.48 8.35 +3.18
13th Paul Smith 45.45 51.17 8.51 +5.32
14th Liam Dowling 56.30 63.06 10.53 +6.36

On a very windy Sunday morning, another excellent field assembled for the second race of the season. The wind was blowing from a westerly direction, which means the runners would have to run the last mile, full into the teeth of a very strong wind. These types of tough conditions, forces each competitor having to change their approach to the race. If the runner is to run to their handicap time, it will be essential to use the wind to help them for the first 3 miles. If successful, they may have a bit in reserve to tackle the tough 2nd part of the course, where inevitably, the wind will make it very difficult to maintain a speed, to match their handicap time.

This is the only time in the season when we have the same distance for 2 successive races. So for handicapping purposes, the first race 3 weeks ago, can be used as a guide to select a time for each competitor. Those runners in the points after that first race, will have to run at the same rate per mile and a bit quicker, if they are to finish in the top six. These means they will start further back in the field and makes for a close and exciting finish.

In second place was Tony Carter who claimed he had to stop 3 times due to pains in his leg. Despite this extra handicap he still ran 33 seconds under his handicap time. Do I hear The Handicap Committee sharpening their pencils? Next home was that old war horse Kevin Anholm who limped into 3rd place. (Kevin rarely runs these days – just limps)!!!

The next two home where our London Marathon entries. Fourth was Lance Harris with another impressive time of 37 mins 30 secs with Matt Anholm in fifth place. These lads are up to 40+ miles a week as they continue with their preparation for the big event, so a bit of a wind was hardly going to worry them. Jeff Copping completed the point scoring positions by finishing in 6th place.

After 2 races the early pace setter is Matt Anholm on 12 points, with Tony Carter 1 point behind and Jamie Cousins 3rd with 9 points. But very early days.

This season we have changed the format of the Knockout Cup. There are 4 groups of 4 people, with the winner of each group qualifying for the semi-finals. The thinking behind this is to make the Cup winner work a bit harder to win the trophy. With the previous straight knockout format, we have had instances of Cup winners playing only 2 matches in winning the cup. This year’s structure means the Cup winner will have to play 5 matches to win the trophy and so producing a more worthwhile winner.

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Handicap Race 3

Good Friday 21st March - 4 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Tony Carter 27.00 27.10 6.48 +0.10
2nd Jim Cranwell 40.50 41.04 10.16 +0.14
3rd Tina Anholm 43.30 43.52 10.58 +0.22
4th Kevin Anholm 32.10 32.42 8.11 +0.32
5th Andy Watson 25.00 25.36 6.24 +0.36
6th Wendy Hadgraft 34.30 35.07 8.47 +0.37
7th Chris Rawlings 30.10 30.50 7.42 +0.50
8th Jamie Cousins 25.00 26.03 6.31 +1.03
9th Matt Anholm 27.00 28.12 7.03 +1.12
10th Mark Nurse 27.20 28.46 7.11 +1.26
11th Pauline Steele 41.45 43.38 10.54 +1.53
12th Vito Verrecchia 25.00 26.59 6.45 +1.59
13th Jeff Copping 32.00 34.46 8.41 +2.46
14th Pete Hadgraft 32.00 35.12 8.48 +3.12
15th Angie Swift 31.15 34.53 8.43 +3.38

Extra Race

2 Miles No Watch - Good Friday

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Tony Carter 13.00 12.58 6.29 -0.02
2nd Ian Battye 18.30 18.16 9.08 -0.14
3rd Pauline Steele 23.30 23.12 11.45 -0.18
4th Mark Nurse 15.00 14.29 7.15 -0.31
5th Vito Verrecchia 13.30 12.54 6.27 -0.36
6th Tina Anholm 21.20 22.05 11.03 +0.45
7th Wendy Hadgraft 18.30 17.43 8.52 -0.47
8th Pete Hadgraft 18.30 17.43 8.52 -0.47
9th Jim Cranwell 20.00 20.54 10.27 +0.54
10th Chris Rawlings 14.00 15.02 7.31 +1.02
11th Matt Anholm 16.00 14.42 7.21 -1.18
12th Kevin Anholm 17.30 16.07 8.04 -1.23
13th Jeff Copping 19.15 17.43 7.52 -1.32
14th Jamie Cousins 16.00 14.23 7.12 -1.37

Oh our crazy English weather!!! The first race of our season in early February was run in glorious spring like sunshine. Fast forward to the first day of Spring when the 3rd race of the season was held, we had to contend with artic northerly winds and snow. So much for global warming!!

Despite the tough weather conditions, another excellent field assembled for this race. The course was everyone’s favourite, the 4 mile course. Basically the route starts at The Plough Inn, into Withernsea via Hompton Road and back to The Plough via Hollym Road. This is normally a fast course, but on this day the strong winds made it very tough going. In fact it is not an exaggeration to report that when the runners turned left onto Hompton Road to run into Withernsea, it was like running into a brick wall, so strong was the northerly wind.

When the wind is so strong, those runners starting at the front of the field potentially have a slight advantage. This is because the quicker runners at the back have to work even harder to catch the front runners. This makes the performance of Tony Carter all the more remarkable. He started 4th from the back and managed to work his way through the field to snatch victory by overtaking Jim Cranwell, with a sprint finish over the last 50 yards. In fact all the point scoring positions were decided by sprinting to the finishing line. Jim (2nd) had just managed to overtake Tina Anholm (3rd), who in turn had just managed to stay ahead of Kevin Anholm (4th). Kevin had just enough in the tank to hold off Andy Watson (5th), who had just passed Wendy Hadgraft (6th) with few yards to spare.

After the race an analysis of the results revealed that ¾ of the field were only separated by 75 seconds. Credit must be given to the much maligned “Handicap Committee” for setting such accurate handicap times. If the race was either 30 yards longer, or shorter, there would have been a totally different finishing order. This makes for exciting and competitive racing, as everyone providing they run to their potential, have a chance to win the race. That’s what a handicap is all about.

When a league has finished and the swings and roundabouts over a long season are reflected on, there is usually a defining moment in the season when the title is won or lost. Although we are only ¼ of the way through this season, it is just possible we might have had this season’s defining moment. Tony’s excellent run has put him in a commanding position at the top of the table. He has already opened up an 8 point lead over his nearest challenger, Matt Anholm. He is in top form and looks a good bet to improve on last season’s 3rd place finish.

After the 4 mile race, to show we are glutton for punishment, there was a 2 mile no watch run. This was after declining the offer to run instead a wind assisted 1 mile. They are tough these Harriers. The winner and completing a very profitable morning’s work was Tony Carter, who finished just 2 seconds away from his time. In second place and making a welcome return after 2 years of injury problems, was that old war horse and 2 time league winner, Ian Battye. He finished 14 seconds away his handicap time. In third was last year’s double winner, Pauline Steele, who finished 18 seconds outside her handicap time.

Our intrepid London Marathon runners continued their intensive preparations by running the East Hull 20 mile race recently. This race distance is one of 3 training runs which the London runners need to complete, if they are to have a successful marathon. The race times achieved also gives a good indication of what time they are likely to post in the marathon. For the record their times were:

- Lance Harris 2 hrs 26 mins

- Matt Anholm 2 hr 35 mins

- Pete Hadgraft 3 hr 10 mins

Well done to all 3 local runners.

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Handicap Race 4

Thursday 10th April - 5 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Lance Harris 32.20 30.09 6.02 -2.11
2nd Paul Smith 39.30 37.57 7.35 -1.33
3rd Vito Verrecchia 33.20 32.14 6.27 -1.06
4th Pauline Steele 53.10 52.06 10.25 -1.04
5th Jim Cranwell 50.25 49.25 9.53 -1.00
6th Wendy Hadgraft 43.40 42.48 8.34 -0.52
7th Pete Hadgraft 43.40 42.50 8.35 -0.50
8th Matt Anholm 35.00 34.19 6.52 -0.41
9th Gordon Harker 44.50 44.19 8.52 -0.31
10th Chris Rawlings 38.10 37.54 7.35 -0.16
11th Angie Swift 41.15 41.33 8.19 +0.18
12th Kevin Anholm 41.45 42.40 8.32 +1.55
13th Tony Carter 33.10 35.19 7.04 +2.09
14th Jeff Copping 40.25 42.39 8.32 +2.14

At last we are back to mid week races. After 6 long months of running in the dark, we can return to training and racing in the daylight. Usually the lengthening of the days results in the re-appearance of some old faces that we haven’t seen since last October. This Winter however I’m pleased to say that everyone has continued to train hard throughout the long Winter months and so should be in excellent shape to achieve some good times this season.

Another encouraging sign has been the excellent support we have received in our handicap runs and our latest race continued this trend with another excellent turnout. It was also a relief that after the previous 2 races, we didn’t have to fight gale force winds, although by the time the race started there was a rather nippy north easterly.

The race was over our 5 mile course and the winner was Lance Harris. Using this race as a warm down for The London Marathon, as he was the quickest runner in the field, he was last to start. This small detail didn’t seem to bother him as he moved effortlessly through the field to finish 38 seconds ahead of 2nd place. This was Lance’s final run before the London Marathon and all that hard training looks like it could pay dividends for him over his next few races. In 2nd and making a welcome return to a podium finish was Paul Smith. This was his best run this season and he could be approaching last season’s form, which saw him finish as last year’s runner up.

There was an exciting sprint finish for 3rd place. Vito Verrecchia showed that the art of chivalry is finished amongst fishmongers, by just elbowing out the current champion Pauline Steele into 4th place. In 5th place after another steady performance was Jim Cranwell and Wendy Hadgraft managed to occupy the last point scoring place in 6th. A good effort this from Wendy as she has only just started running again and had the additional handicap of having to carry her husband Pete around the course as well.

Despite a slightly disappointing race by his own high standards, Tony Carter remains well clear at the top of the Championship Table. He holds a seven point lead from Lance Harris and Matt Anholm, 1/3rd of the way through the season.

I have 2 other races to report on. First, Hornsea brought back their 1/3rd marathon run on Sunday 30th March. It was good to have this well organised event back on the race calendar. Our member’s times were

Matt Anholm 62.22

Mark Nurse 64.10

Wendy Hadgraft 79.22

Pete Hadgraft 79.22

We also had 3 lads running The London Marathon and it was good to see all their hard training paid off as they produced these times

Lance Harris 3hrs 7mins 53secs.

Matt Anholm 3hrs 29mins 21secs

Pete Hadgraft 4 hrs 38mins 32secs.

What a cracking time by Lance in what was his first ever marathon. A sub 3 hours time is well within his reach. Matt set himself a target of 3.1/2 hours, so he was well pleased with his effort. As for Pete?? Well he was violently ill the Friday before the race and didn’t think he could run it. He had a Saturday night fitness test of keeping down a lasagne, which he did, so I think it was a pretty good effort. However all this hard work may have been too much for him as he left his bag and mobile on the train and is still waiting to be re-united with them, although Tony Carter has been seen with a smart new mobile phone!!!

And finally!!! As you may have gathered by now all our runs start and finish at The Plough, which shows how well thought out our race routes are. The additional bonus to this is that we are well looked after by Steve and Sue. So at our recent Committee Meeting we felt that we should put up some posters around the town to advertise how good The Plough is. So look out for them, you can’t mistake them. They have a picture of the West Ham goalkeeper with the slogan “Save less and visit The Plough”.

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Handicap Race 5

Thursday 1st May - 5.8 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Kevin Anholm 46.50 46.43 8.03 -0.07
2nd Matt Anholm 38.50 38.56 7.03 +0.06
3rd Pauline Steele 60.00 60.33 10.26 +0.33
4th Angie Swift 46.35 47.46 8.14 +1.10
5th Jeff Copping 47.30 49.13 8.29 +1.43
6th Tony Carter 38.10 39.56 6.53 +1.46
7th Tina Anholm 63.00 65.05 11.13 +2.05
8th Lance Harris 34.25 36.36 6.19 +2.11
9th Chris Rawlings 43.30 46.42 8.03 +3.12
10th Ian Battye - 56.03 9.40 -

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Handicap Race 6

Thursday 15th May - 5.6 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Tina Anholm 62.30 59.14 10.35 -3.16
2nd Ian Battye 54.10 53.07 9.29 -1.03
3rd Tony Carter 38.05 37.11 6.38 -0.54
4th Kevin Anholm 44.10 43.26 7.54 -0.44
5th Angie Swift 46.00 45.24 8.06 -0.36
6th Pauline 58.20 57.48 10.19 -0.32
7th Jim Cranwell 55.20 55.08 9.51 -0.12
8th Paul Smith 42.45 43.01 7.41 +0.16
9th Chris Rawlings 43.25 43.58 7.51 +0.33
10th Matt Anholm 37.20 38.36 6.54 +1.16
11th Lance Harris 34.35 36.25 6.30 +1.50
12th Rob Swift 44.30 49.32 8.51 +5.02

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Handicap Race 7

Thursday 12th June - 5.6 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Chris Rawlings 43.30 42.24 7.34 -0.54
2nd Lance Harris 35.50 35.11 6.19 -0.49
3rd Paul Smith 42.30 42.15 7.33 -0.15
4th Tony Carter 36.40 37.33 6.42 +0.53
5th Pauline Steele 57.30 58.46 10.30 +1.16
6th Matt Anholm 36.40 38.05 6.48 +1.25
7th Angie Swift 44.50 46.24 8.17 +1.29
8th Rob Swift 46.00 49.08 8.46 +3.08
9th Tina Anholm 59.00 62.22 11.08 +3.22
10th Jim Cranwell 55.00 58.49 10.30 +3.49
11th Kevin Anholm 42.55 46.52 8.22 +3.57

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Handicap Race 8

Thursday 7th August - 10k.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Rob Swift 48.40 47.36 7.40 -1.04
2nd Angie Swift 50.00 49.46 8.01 -0.14
3rd Jeff Copping 51.15 51.38 8.19 +0.23
4th Vito Verrecchia 41.00 41.44 6.43 +0.44
5th Jim Cranwell 64.15 65.13 10.30 +0.58
6th Matt Anholm 42.25 43.39 7.02 +1.14
7th Chris Rawlings 47.35 48.57 7.53 +1.22
8th Paul Smith 46.35 48.24 7.48 +1.49
9th Tony Carter 41.40 44.43 7.12 +3.44
10th Mark Nurse 45.20 52.19 8.25 +6.19

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Handicap Race 9

Thursday 28th August - 5.6 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Jim Cranwell 57.25 56.16 10.03 -1.09
2nd Mark Nurse 45.00 43.52 7.50 -1.08
3rd Jeff Copping 46.00 45.42 8.10 -0.18
4th Ian Battye 52.15 52.07 9.18 -0.08
5th Kevin Anholm 45.15 45.09 8.04 -0.06
6th Lance Harris 35.45 35.42 6.19 -0.04
7th Tina Anholm 61.00 61.17 10.57 +0.17
8th Pauline Steele 58.00 58.37 10.28 +0.37
9th Vito Verrecchia 37.15 38.38 6.54 +1.23
10th Chris Rawlings 43.20 45.07 8.03 +1.53
11th Matt Anholm 39.00 41.37 7.26 +2.37
12th Tony Carter 37.25 42.28 7.35 +5.03

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Handicap Race 10

Thursday 11th September - 5 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Mark Nurse 38.20 36.53 7.23 -1.27
2nd Tina Anholm 54.40 53.30 10.44 -1.10
3rd Chris Rawlings 38.50 38.15 7.39 -0.35
4th Jeff Copping 40.40 40.15 8.03 -0.25
5th Lance Harris 31.25 31.01 6.12 -0.24
6th Paul Smith 38.40 38.43 7.45 +0.03
7th Kevin Anholm 40.10 40.23 8.05 +0.10
8th Pauline Steele 52.00 52.34 10.31 +0.34
9th Angie Swift 39.45 40.56 8.11 +1.11

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Handicap Race 11

Sunday 12th October - 2 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Pauline Steele 19.20 13.32 9.16 -0.48
2nd Michael Battye - 13.43 6.52 -
3rd Lance Harris 12.10 11.32 5.48 -0.38
4th Mark Nurse 13.20 12.44 6.22 -0.36
5th Jim Cranwell 18.30 17.59 8.59 -0.31
6th Matt Anholm 13.10 12.48 6.24 -0.22
7th Tina Anholm 20.20 19.59 9.59 -0.21
8th Ian Battye 17.10 16.56 8.23 -0.14
9th Kevin Anholm 15.10 15.04 7.37 -0.06
10th Jeff Copping 15.05 15.02 7.36 -0.03
11th Tony Carter 12.30 12.51 6.25 +0.21
12th Paul Smith 14.20 15.00 7.30 +0.40
13th Liam Dowling 18.40 19.42 9.51 +1.02

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Handicap Race 12

Sunday 12th October - 4 miles.

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Kevin Anholm 32.10 30.56 7.44 -1.14
2nd Pauline Steele 40.50 40.06 10.01 -0.44
3rd Mark Nurse 28.00 27.56 6.59 -0.04
4th Lance Harris 24.40 24.39 6.10 -0.01
5th Tina Anholm 42.40 42.55 10.44 +0.15
6th Ben Lount - 39.42 9.56 -
7th Matt Anholm 27.40 28.48 7.12 +1.08
8th Tony Carter 26.40 27.57 6.59 +1.17
9th Paul Smith 30.35 32.40 8.10 +2.05
10th Jim Cranwell 39.00 41.09 10.17 +2.09
11th Jeff Copping 32.10 34.39 7.51 +2.29

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2008 Final League Table

The final points are as follows:

1st Lance Harris 36 points
2nd Kevin Anholm 35 points
3rd Mark Nurse 33 points
4th Tony Carter 31 points
5th Pauline Steele 30 points
6th Matt Anholm 29 points
7th Tina Anholm 28 points
8th Jim Cranwell 27 points
9th Jeff Copping 23 points
10th Paul Smith 19 points
11th Chris Rawlings 15 points
12th Angie Swift 14 points
13th Ian Battye 12 points
14th Jamie Cousins 9 points
= Rob Swift 9 points
= Vito Verrecchia 9 points
17th Wendy Hadgraft 4 points
18th Andy Watson 3 points
19th Pete Hadgraft 1 point
= Gordon Harker 1 point
= Liam Dowling 1 point

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