Handicap league

2005 results

Handicap Race 1

Sunday 13th February 2005 - 5.8 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Derek Parker 49.30 49.11 8.29 -0.19
2nd Peter Hadgraft 43.15 43.18 7.28 +0.03
3rd Angie Swift 48.35 49.13 8.29 +0.38
4th Andy Watson 36.00 37.18 6.26 +1.18
5th Mark Nurse 42.15 44.11 7.37 +1.56
6th Kevin Anholm 45.00 47.54 8.16 +2.54
7th Ian Battye 46.25 49.59 8.37 +3.34
8th Ian Robinson 51.30 56.55 9.49 +5.25
9th Paul Allison 57.35 68.20 11.47 +10.45
10th John Magee 49.20 60.10 10.22 +10.50

I suppose after all the mild weather over the last two weeks it was inevitable that for the opening race of the Withernsea Harriers Handicap League the race entrants would be met with a strong, cold, north-westerly wind.

A slightly disappointing field assembled to start the 8th season of the Handicap League. This was due to the unfortunate run of illness and injury which has run rife through the club.

It is always difficult to judge people's handicaps for the first race because it is three months since the last handicap race has been run. This race usually indicates those runners who have trained well over the winter period; this year proved to be no exception.

The winner over the 5.9 mile course was Derek Parker who finished 19 seconds under his handicap time. A good effort in the tough, windy conditions - Handicap Committee please note!

Second place was Peter Hadgraft who ran within three seconds of his handicap (excellent judgment from the hadicap committee).In third place was Angie Swift with Andy Watson, on his debut, finishing fourth. Mark Nurse was fifth and Kevin Anholm finished a creditable sixth after his recent illness.

After the race the draw for the Knockout cup was made in The Plough Inn; the highlights of the first round draw were Terry Hirst versus Peter Hadgraft and Mark Nurse versus Kevin Anholm.

The next race is on Sunday 6 March 2005, 11.00am at the Plough Inn, Hollym over the 5.8 mile course; all welcome.

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Handicap Race 2

Sunday 6th March 2005 - 5.8 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Sue Wiles   59.30 10.16  
2nd Angie Swift 48.35 47.21 8.10 -1.14
3rd Paul Allison 63.00 62.02 10.42 -0.58
4th Terry Hirst 46.00 45.10 7.47 -0.50
5th Peter Hadgraft 42.45 42.31 7.20 -0.14
6th Mark Nurse 42.14 42.04 7.15 -0.11
7th Andy Watson 36.30 37.16 6.26 +0.46
8th Kevin Anholm 45.25 46.36 8.02 +1.11

It was with some relief for all competitors who arrived to run Race N°2 in the Withernsea Harriers Handicap League that the snow and the ice-cold wind had given way to sunshine and only a stiff breeze.

The much improved conditions suited Sue Wiles, who, on her debut in the competition, cruised to an impressive win. Angie Swift beat Paul Allison in a sprint finish to clinch second place.

Fourth was Terry Hirst, who was making a welcome return to action after suffering from shin splints. Peter Hadgraft finished a credible fifth after only one-hour’s sleep the night before. Peter’s strong finish just held off Mark Nurse who had to accept a sixth-place finish.

It is early days but after two races, Angie Swift is the early league leader with 13 points; Derek Parker and Peter Hadgraft are close behind with 9 points.

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Handicap Race 3

Friday 25th March 2005 - 5.8 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Andrew Falkingham   53.40 9.15  
2nd Mark Nurse 42.00 40.59 7.04 -1.01
3rd Andrew Watson 37.00 36.38 6.19 -0.22
4th Ian Battye 48.30 48.21 8.20 -0.09
5th Terry Hirst 44.30 44.29 7.40 -0.01
6th Ian Robinson 53.20 53.45 9.16 +0.25
7th Matt Anholm 47.15 47.52 8.15 +0.37
8th Peter Hadgraft 42.30 43.15 7.27 +0.45
9th Angie Swift 46.55 47.52 8.15 +0.57
10th Kevin Anholm 45.45 47.59 8.16 +2.14
11th Sue Wiles 56.00 59.22 10.14 +3.22
12th Tina Anholm 64.00 68.12 11.46 +4.12
13th Derek Parker 48.45 53.45 9.16 +5.00
14th Jeff Copping 47.30 59.43 10.18 +12.13

There has been an unusually high number of injuries and illness, which has run rife through the club during the last 2 months. So it was good to see a lot of the members back in action ready to run in the third race of the Withernsea Harriers Handicap League.

The winner was Andrew Falkingham who was making his race debut and completed the 5.8 mile course in 53 minutes 40 seconds. Andrew only enquired about the race the previous night and enjoyed his first outing with us. So anyone reading this and fancies a go please come along. (More details ring Mark Nurse 613305).

The next 2 finishers where the two fastest men in the field. Second was Mark Nurse who ran a minute under his handicap time, with Andrew Watson running a fast time of 36 minutes 38 seconds finishing third.

Fourth was double league champion Ian Battye, with Terry Hirst that well known talker in fifth place. If Terry spent less time talking and put more effort into running who knows what he might achieve this season. Another good talker, Ian Robinson finished sixth, although Ian spends most of his time making up stories of his alleged injuries to the Handicap Commitee.

Mark Nurse is the new league leader after 3 races, 1 point ahead of Angie Swift, but we are only a quarter of the way through the season.

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Handicap Race 4

Thursday 14th April 2005 - 4 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Andrew Falkingham 35.00 31.42 7.55 -3.18
2nd Ian Robinson 38.20 35.17 8.49 -3.03
3rd Debbie Catt 43.00 40.48 8.49 -3.03
4th Tina Anholm 43.00 41.21 10.20 -1.39
5th Sue Wiles 39.30 38.01 9.30 -1.29
6th Gordon Harker   38.31 9.38  
7th Derek Parker 33.00 32.12 8.03 -0.48
8th Tracey Battye 43.00 42.24 10.36 -0.36
9th Angie Swift 32.00 31.29 7.52 -0.31
10th Andy Watson 25.00 24.30 6.07 -0.30
11th Mark Nurse 27.50 27.32 6.53 -0.18
12th Paul Allison 40.00 40.06 10.01 +0.06
13th Ian Battye 30.40 30.55 7.44 +0.15
14th John McGee 35.40 36.20 9.05 +0.40
15th Peter Hadgraft 28.20 29.09 7.17 +0.51
16th Matt Anholm 29.00 31.40 7.55 +1.40
17th Kevin Anholm 29.20 33.03 8.16 +1.43
18th Terry Hirst 28.45 32.34 8.09 +3.49

A record field assembled last Thursday at The Plough Inn for the first evening run, which was the fourth in the twelve race series.

The winner over the four mile course was Andrew Falkingham. This is Andrew's second appearance and both have resulted in victories. However Andrew should take note that he has now completed his qualifying runs and so can now earn league points from the next race. This crucial point has been noted by The Handicap Committee.

In second place, thanks to a liberal use of Liam's bike, was Ian Robinson. This was the first race for over a year that he wasn't first in the queue to complain about his handicap time. In third place making her race debut was Debbie Catt. Debbie was in panic over her handicap time of 43 minutes, yet she ran the course in 40 minutes 48 seconds. This also has been noted by The Handicap Committee.

In fourth place making a welcome return from her injury problems was Tina Anholm. Fifth place went to Sue Wiles with Derek Parker sixth.

A special mention to Tracy Battye who ran four miles for the first time and ran an excellent time of 42 minutes 24 seconds. Even more remarkably, she finished well ahead of our two time league champion Ian Battye, who once again finished well down the field.

The latest league table after four races has Angela Swift once again holding top spot, but as we are only 1/3rd of the way through the season, there is a long way to go.

The next race is on Thursday 5th May at The Plough Inn, Hollym. The distance is 5.5 miles and it starts at 7.15pm. As ever everyone welcome.

Finally, congratulations to Terry Hirst who ran his first ever London marathon in 4 hours 14 minutes and he allegedly only stopped twice for a chat.

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Handicap Race 5

Thursday 5th May 2005 - 5.5 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Derek Parker 45.05 44.00 7.51 -1.05
2nd Angie Swift 44.50 44.01 7.52 -0.49
3rd Andrew Falkingham 45.20 44.50 8.00 -0.30
4th Andy Watson 35.00 35.03 6.16 +0.03
5th Ian Battye 43.50 44.00 7.51 +0.10
6th Ian Robinson 48.30 50.33 9.02 +2.03
7th Tina Anholm 58.00 61.15 10.56 +3.15
8th Peter Hadgraft 41.05 44.27 7.56 +3.22
9th Gordon Harker 47.30 52.40 9.24 +5.10
9th Jeff Copping 46.15 51.35 9.13 +5.10
11th John Magee 50.25 59.04 - +8.39
12th Sue Wiles 54.35 63.25 - +8.50
13th Ian Battye 43.25 52.16 - +8.51
14th Terry Hirst 42.00 50.54 - +8.54

There was a good turnout last Thursday for the fifth race of the Withernsea Harriers Handicap. The course measures 5.6 miles and runs through Hollym village along the old railway track into Withernsea, down along the promenade and back to the Plough Inn via Holmpton Road.

The winner was Derek Parker, who managed to edge out Angie Swift into second place. Derek's handicap time gave him a 15-second start over his sister and throughout the whole race that 15-second gap never altered.

In third place was Andrew Falkingham who continues to finish at the front end of the field. Andy Watson ran a good race time of 35 minutes to finish fourth with Ian Battye in fifth place and Ian Robinson sixth.

Derek and Angie's first and second place in the race means that they both head the league table after five races. Rather worrying for the rest of the competitors; they are seven points clear of third place, but there is still a long way to go.

Derek completed a fine night's work by knocking the defending champion Ian Battye out of the Knockout Cup. Other first round winners were Angie Swift and Andrew Falkingham.

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Handicap Race 6

Thursday 26th May 2005 - 10k

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Mark Nurse 42.50 41.57 6.45 -0.53
2nd Jeff Copping 55.20 54.37 8.48 -0.43
3rd Ian Battye 48.30 48.05 7.52 -0.25
4th Andy Watson 38.00 38.22 6.11 +0.22
5th Angie Swift 48.15 48.54 7.52 +0.39
6th Andy Falkingham 49.25 51.01 8.13 +1.36
7th Derek Parker 48.10 49.57 8.03 +1.47
8th Tina Anholm 64.00 66.52 10.46 +2.52
9th Terry Hirst 46.00 48.53 7.52 +3.53
10th Kevin Anholm 47.05 50.54 8.12 +3.49

It was the best weather we have had this season last Thursday, for the sixth race of the Withernsea Harriers twelve-race series. The distance was 10k and the race proved to be a very exciting and close finish.

With 1/2 mile to go there were three runers competing for first place. The eventual winner was Mark Nurse, whose strong finish just held off Jeff Copping into second place, with Ian Battye close behind in third place.

Fourth was Andy Watson, who followed up his excellent time of 37 minutes 10 seconds in the Beverley 10k with another good performance in this race. Next was Angie Swift, who despite being hampered by a foot injury, hung in to finish fifth (her brother, please take note). Andrew Falkingham continued his record of scoring points in every race by finishing sixth. We are now halfway through the season and we have joint leaders at the top of the table.

Angie Swift with her determined performance scored 2 points to stay at the top of the table, but she is now joined by Mark Nurse after his second win of the season. But as Ian Battye will remind both of them, no awards are given out at this stage of the season. There is still along way to go.

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The League Table halfway through the season:

1st Angie Swift 23 points
= Mark Nurse 23 points
3rd Derek Parker 21 points
4th Andy Watson 14 points
5th Ian Robinson 12 points
6th Ian Battye 11 points
7th Peter Hadgraft 9 points
8th Terry Hirst 7 points
9th Paul Allison 6 points
= Tina Anholm 6 points
= Jeff Copping 6 points
12th Andrew Falkingham 5 points
13th Sue Wiles 4 points
14th Kevin Anholm 2 points
15th Matt Anholm 1 point

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Handicap Race 7

Thursday 16th June 2005 - 4 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Patrick Eudas - 33.12 8.20 -
2nd Liam Dowling - 38.34 9.38 -
3rd Ian Battye 31.20 30.29 7.37 -0.51
4th Terry Hirst 29.30 28.46 7.11 -0.44
5th Debbie Catt 41.00 40.36 10.11 -0.24
6th Angie Swift 30.55 30.35 7.39 -0.20
7th Andy Watson 24.15 24.05 6.01 -0.10
8th Kevin Anholm 30.20 30.18 7.34 -0.02
9th Derek Parker 30.00 30.04 7.31 +0.04
10th Tony 30.00 30.11 7.41 +0.11
11th Ian Robinson 34.40 35.01 8.45 +0.21
12th Tracey Battye 42.00 43.01 10.45 +1.01
13th Sue Wiles 37.20 38.31 9.38 +1.11
14th Jeff Copping 32.00 35.15 8.49 +3.16
14th Tina Anholm 41.00 44.16 11.04 +3.16
14th Gordon Harker 34.40 37.59 9.29 +3.16

Another good field assembled for the seventh race of the Withernsea Harriers twelve-race series. The weather was warm with a southwesterly wind blowing into the faces of the runners as they headed back to the finish at The Plough Inn.

The winner was Patrick Eudas who was originally out for a gentle run, until some Withernsea Harriers collared him. They persuaded him to enter the race, which after a sprint finish he ended up winning. We hope to see you more often, Patrick.

In second place and making a welcome return was Liam Dowling. Liam has had a lot of injury problems this season, which he points out is nothing to do with his age!!! However he had lost none of his skills in receiving a good handicap. He insisted on a time of 40 minutes and then placed a bet with Ian Robinson on who would finish first. He then ran one and a half minutes under his time, which included a rest at around three and a half miles to see if Ian was catching him. Who said the Irish aren't good at gamesmanship!!!

Third was two-time defending league champion, Ian Battye, who as in the last two seasons, is starting to move up the league table. Fourth was Terry Hirst, who for the first time this season actually ran a race without any unscheduled stops behind any hedges!!! Fifth was Debbie Catt, who put in another excellent performance, with Angie Swift close behind in sixth place.

Most books on running will give you sound advice on what to eat before a race. Angie Swift follows her own unique schedule. This usually involves a good portion of apple pie and custard. If the race is important, she may change this to apple crumble and custard. However, maybe Angie has found the secret. She is currently three points clear at the top of the table and last sunday was the first Withernsea Harrier home in the Humber Bridge half marathon. A fabulous performance in what has been described as "the race from hell" because of the incredibly hot conditions.

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Handicap Race 8

Thursday 11th August 2005 - 5.6 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Liam Dowling 55.30 52.43 9.25 -2.47
2nd Gordon Harker 50.25 48.48 8.43 -1.37
3rd Derek Parker 43.25 42.07 7.31 -1.18
4th Kevin Anholm 44.20 43.12 7.43 -1.08
5th Jeff Copping 50.00 49.07 8.46 -0.53
6th Tony 43.00 42.23 7.34 -0.37
7th Andy Griffiths 40.10 39.42 7.11 -0.28
8th Terry Hirst 40.20 39.59 7.08 -0.21
9th Angie Swift 43.50 43.35 7.47 -0.15
10th Mark Nurse 36.50 36.45 6.43 -0.05
11th Andy Watson 34.45 34.42 6.12 -0.03
12th Peter Hadgraft 43.35 43.43 7.48 +0.08
13th Sue Wiles 52.40 52.51 9.26 +0.11
14th Ian Robinson 49.00 51.13 9.09 +2.13
15th Tracy Battye 63.00 66.45 11.55 +3.45

Last Thursday the 8th race of The Withernsea Harriers Handicap League, took place over a distance of 5.6 miles. We are fast approaching the business end of the season, where every point won could have a crucial bearing to who will be this year’s champion. Only one of the top five in the league scored any points as the pressure begins to mount.

The winner was Liam Dowling who continues his recovery from his back problems.

In second place was Gordon Harker with Derek Parker third. Derek picked up 4 points and so moves to second in the table, 1 point behind the leader Angela Swift.

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Handicap Race 9

Thursday 25th August - 5 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Kevin Anholm 38.20 37.13 7.27 -1.07
2nd Jeff Copping 43.45 42.47 8.33 -0.58
3rd Ian Robinson 45.45 44.53 8.59 -0.52
4th Mark Nurse 32.50 32.00 6.24 -0.50
5th Andy Watson 31.00 30.16 6.03 -0.44
6th Angie Swift 38.55 38.51 7.46 -0.04
7th Terry Hirst 35.40 35.44 7.09 +0.04
8th Derek Parker 37.05 37.46 7.33 +0.41

There are only 4 races left in the Withernsea Harriers Handicap League, so every point gained could have a crucial bearing on who will be this year’s champion.
Last Thursday was the 9th race of the 12 race series. There was a smaller than usual field which assembled to run the 5 mile course. The top 3 runners in the table started the race separated by only 3 points. With 6th place scoring a point, they knew before setting off, that a good performance in this race could have a decisive bearing on who will be this year’s champion.

As it turned out, this didn’t happen. This was mainly due to some excellent handicapping by “The Committee” which resulted in an excellent, closely fought race.

The winner was Kevin Anholm who just managed to beat Jeff Copping in a sprint finish across the line. Just behind them was Ian Robinson, who just held off Mark Nurse, who out sprinted Andy Watson (again!). Angie Swift just managed to beat Terry Hirst into that last scoring position. The whole field was only separated by 1.1/2 minutes at the finish, which as I said was excellent handicapping by “The Committee”.

The result of the race means that with 3 races to go, Angie Swift is still top by 1 point from Mark Nurse, who is 1 point ahead of Derek Parker. It promises to be an exciting finish to the season.

The knockout cup has reached the semi final stage and in the first semi final, Derek Parker beat the Club Champion Sue Wiles, in a closely fought out match. The second semi final is between Angie Swift and Terry Hirst which promises to be a very intriguing encounter.

This match will take place on Thursday,8th September, when the 10th race of the series will take place.

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Handicap Race 10

Thursday 8th September - 4 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Gordon Harker 34.00 33.17 8.19 -0.43
2nd Matt Anholm 31.00 30.23 7.36 -0.37
3rd Andy Griffiths 28.30 27.57 6.59 -0.33
4th Terry Hirst 28.20 28.01 7.00 -0.19
5th Kevin Anholm 29.25 29.32 7.23 +0.07
6th Angie Swift 30.35 30.58 7.44 +0.23
7th Andy Watson 24.15 24.44 6.11 +0.29
8th Peter Hadgraft 28.20 32.00 8.00 +1.20
9th Ian Battye 30.20 32.32 8.08 +2.32

As the well known chart hit says “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. However with ¼ of the season to go, this statement seems lost on the leading runners who are challenging to be this season’s champion.

Before last Thursday’s race, there were 6 runners who had a realistic shot at becoming this year’s champion. A good performance from one of these competitors over the 4 mile course, could prove decisive when the prizes are handed out on October 9th. However after the final runner had staggered over the finish line, none of the leading pack had grasped the initiative.

The Championship leader, Angie Swift who has led from the front all season, finished within 23 seconds of her handicap time. A good effort, but she only managed 6th place, although this was good enough to earn her 1 Championship point. Angie must have feared the worst as she crossed the finish line. As it turned out, she actually increased her lead at the top of the table, as none of her main challengers made any impression on her slender lead.

Mark Nurse who was in second in the table didn’t run, due to a calf injury picked up at the Chesterfield 10 mile race the previous Sunday. Derek Parker, 3rd in the league, found the pressure too much and finished well down the field and so failed to score any points. Fourth place was Ian Battye, the double defending title holder, but he enjoyed himself too much in America and so finished last. In 5th place, Andy Watson was strangely off the pace and so he didn’t score any points, but 6th place Kevin Anholm did manage to finish in 5th place and so picked up 2 championship points.

For the record the winner was Gordon Harker who just finished ahead of Matt Anholm and Andy Griffiths.

In the other cup semi-final, Terry Hirst just edged out Angie Swift where he will play Derek Parker in the 2 race final.

So it’s all to play for on the final day, with the top 9 runners separated by 12 points. With 2 races on the last day, there are 18 points available, so it promises to be an exciting day. The “War on the Shore is on Sunday 9th October. There will be 2 races, the first race at 11.00am which is 2 miles and the final race is 4 miles, which will start at approx. 11.45am. Anyone can enter one or both races, so if you fancy a go, come along to The Plough Inn, Hollym.

Footnote: 2 of our brave Harriers ran the Nottingham Marathon last Sunday. Andy Griffiths improved on his London time by 25 minutes to record a time of 3 hours 55 minutes, whilst Kevin Anholm battled his way round in 4 hours 34 minutes. Well done to both our Harriers.

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Handicap Race 11

Sunday 9th October 2005 - 2 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Sue Wiles 19.00 17.58 8.59 -1.02
2nd Derek Parker 14.30 13.38 6.49 -0.52
3rd Andy Watson 12.10 11.38 5.49 -0.42
4th Mark Nurse 12.40 12.14 6.07 -0.36
5th Terry Hirst 13.30 13.08 6.34 -0.22
6th Tina Anholm 21.00 20.46 10.23 -0.14
7th Tony Carter 13.20 13.16 6.38 -0.04
8th Angie Swift 14.50 14.47 7.23 -0.03
9th Jeff Copping 16.45 16.56 8.28 +0.11
10th Debbie Catt 20.00 20.18 10.09 +0.18
11th Matt Anholm 13.40 14.14 7.07 +0.34
12th Andrew Falkingham 15.30 16.17 8.08 +0.47
13th Tracy Battye 21.00 21.58 10.59 +0.58
14th Kevin Anholm 13.50 14.49 7.25 +0.59
15th Gordon Harker 15.30 16.48 8.24 +1.18
16th Ian Battye 14.10 16.16 8.08 +2.06

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Handicap Race 12

Sunday 9th October 2005 - 4 miles

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Sue Wiles 43.00 40.58 10.15 -2.02
2nd Liam Dowling 37.00 36.23 9.06 -0.37
3rd Derek Parker 29.40 29.33 7.23 -0.07
4th Tony Carter 29.50 29.50 7.27 0
5th Angie Swift 30.45 30.49 7.42 +0.04
6th Jeff Copping 35.00 35.06 8.47 +0.06
7th Andy Watson 24.20 24.28 6.07 +0.08
8th Mark Nurse 26.00 26.09 6.32 +0.09
9th Terry Hirst 28.00 28.23 7.06 +0.23
10th Matt Anholm 30.00 32.15 8.04 +2.15
11th Kevin Anholm 29.30 32.06 8.01 +2.36
12th Tina Anholm 43.00 45.52 11.28 +2.52
13th Ian Battye 31.00 34.20 8.35 +3.20
14th Andrew Falkingham 33.00 37.55 9.29 +4.55
15th Gordon Harker 33.00 40.02 10.00 +7.02

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Final League Table For 2005

Finishing Position Name Total points 2004 points
1st Derek Parker 35 (30)
2nd Angie Swift 30 (13)
3rd Mark Nurse 29 (32)
4th Andy Watson 22 (-)
5th Sue Wiles 21 (-)
6th Ian Battye 20 (43)
7th Kevin Anholm 19 (32)
8th Terry Hirst 18 (24)
9th Gordon Harker 17 (15)
10th Ian Robinson 16 (9)
11th Jeff Copping 15 (-)
11th Liam Dowling 15 (15)
13th Peter Hadgraft 9 (-)
14th Matt Anholm 7 (19)
14th Tina Anholm 7 (21)
16th Andrew Falkingham 5 (-)
17th Debbie Catt 4 (-)
17th Tony Carter 4 (-)
17th Andy Griffiths 4 (-)

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