Club championship

2005 results

The 2005 event was held on Thursday 14th July over a new 7 mile route and the results were as follows:

Finishing Position Name Handicap Time Race Time Rate per Mile Difference
1st Andy Griffiths - 51.13 7.19 -
2nd Sue Wiles 68.15 66.57 9.34 -01.18
3rd Steve Curtis - 44.06 6.18 -
4th Mark Nurse 47.15 46.28 6.38 -0.47
5th Terry Hirst 52.00 51.15 7.19 -0.45
6th Derek Parker 54.50 54.34 7.48 -0.16
7th Angie Swift 55.00 55.11 7.53 +0.11
8th Debbie Catt 74.45 76.35 10.56 +1.50
9th Matt Anholm 56.35 59.38 8.31 +3.03
10th Nick Derbyshire - 56.52 8.29 -
11th Kevin Anholm 56.15 60.34 8.39 +4.19
12th Ian Battye 53.45 58.07 8.18 +4.22
13th Gordon Harker 59.30 64.36 9.14 +5.06
14th Jeff Copping 60.00 65.12 9.19 +5.12
15th Tina Anholm 75.15 80.32 11.30 +5.17
16th Andy Watson 42.35 47.57 6.51 +5.22
17th Tracy Battye 77.00 86.44 12.23 +9.44
17th Liam Dowling 63.00 72.44 10.23 +9.44

Last Thursday night Withernsea Harriers held their Club Championship. This was over a brand new course, which measured 7 miles.

A record field of 19 runners assembled on a warm, sultry night.

First runner home was Andy Griffiths; Andy has just joined the Harriers and was making his debut in our events. He is training for the Nottingham Marathon in September and he put his good time down to all the extra training he has done with the Withernsea Harriers.

The next to finish was Sue Wiles who ran one minute eighteen seconds under her handicap time. Sue is also a new member to the club and regularly supports all our club events. This is appreciated by the Harriers because she actually lives in Beverley but yet still travels across to all our races. This begs the question as to why some Withernsea runners donít bother to support our events?

In third place was Richard Curtis; Richard travelled further than Sue to attend this race. He came from South Africa; Richard was in Withernsea to see his family and he contacted us via the web site. Richard has run ten marathons this year and a 90k event, so we were pleased to have a runner of his calibre in our race.

Mark Nurse finished in fourth place, just edging out his great rival Terry Hirst, whilst Derek Parker managed to beat his sister Angie Swift into sixth place.

A big thank you to Expedition Freight for their kind sponsorship and to Kevin Anholm for setting up the course.

Recently, Withernsea Harriers supported the Dyslexia Institute with their sponsored bike ride from Etton to Market Weighton. As a result, the club donated £150.00 to the Dyslexia Institute.

It was wonderful to see to so many runners at our last race and we hope to see you all again on Thursday 11 August 2005 at 7.15pm for our next race. The course will be 5.6 miles long and, as usual, will start and finish at The Plough Inn, Hollym.

The event was generously sponsored by Expedition Freight.

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